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  • The climax of the competition where athletes run a total distance of 3200m and shoot at 20 targets.

  • The combined event begins with a handicapped start, calculated on the basis of the results after the previous events, with each 1 points being worth one second of handicap.

  • The athlete with the most pentathlon points after the swim, fence and ride starts first.

  • Once given their start signal, the athletes run to the range where they aim to hit five targets.

  • Only after having hit 5 targets with an unlimited number of shots OR after a time of 50 seconds elapses can the competitor leave the firing point to perform each running leg of 800m.

  • This is repeated thrice more before the athletes cross the finish line at the end of the fourth 800m circuit.

Pentathletes finish the competition with a shoot/run combination. Athletes shoot with .177 calibre air pistol, or depending on the event, a laser pistol at five “dropping” or “electronic” targets 10 metres away. They then run 800m, shoot another five targets, repeat this for another three times and run to the finish. The first athlete to finish the shoot/run wins the overall pentathlon competition.



  • Concentration

  • Self-control



  • Stamina

  • Strength

  • Determination



  • Pentathletes must wear athletic clothing with their name clearly visible on the reverse side of the top.

  • Pentathletes must compete with athletics shoes, with or without spikes

  • Shoot - Laser pistols are used.

  • Targets may be either mechanically falling or electronic targets

  • Laser system: Only single shot laser pistols are allowed. Laser target must be the same dimension as air pistol targets.



The winner of the competition is simply the first person to cross the finish line.


Want to find out more?

The detailed rules and points table can be found in the Complete rules for Pentathlon (Laser Run)

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