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UIPM Global Laser-Run City Tour

Singapore 2018

Date: Sunday, 5th August 2018
Venue: Singapore Sports Hub
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What is Laser Run?

The Laser-Run is the latest original creation of UIPM, coming from the combined event and launched in 2015 as the last part of full Modern Pentathlon competition. Athletes between the ages of 8 and 80 can participate and the event can be staged on beaches, in cities or in the countryside.


Laser-Run (Open Category) combines Running and Shooting in fast-paced and dynamic races including four rounds of laser pistol shooting from 5-meter distance and four times 400-meter run. Athletes have to hit a target 5 times before proceeding to run. The total number of hits is 20 and total running distance is 1,600 meters.


For Individual bookings, please click on this link to register for the event: UIPM Global LRCT - Singapore 2018

For Group registrations, please download the Group Entry Form, and send it back to

For Group Booking (5 or more), the sign-up will enjoy 20% discount, based on the current rate.

Runner's Entitlements

  1. Medals will be given to the top 3 athletes of each age group & gender.

  2. A finisher certificate and competition T-shirt will be issued to each participant.

  3. Results will be submitted to UIPM for Laser-Run World Ranking.

Competition Category

Entry Fee

Event Schedule

Click HERE to download final event schedule

*subject to change and final confirmation


Click here to download result.

Event Highlight

LRCT 2018 - The crew

Before Race

Race 1- Under 9 (Boys)

Race 2 - Under 11 (Boys & Girls), Master 60+ (Women)

Race 3 - Under 13 (Girls), Under 15 (Boys & Girls),

               Master 50+ (Men & Women)

Race 5 - Seniors (Women)

Race 7 - Master 40+ (Women)

Race 4 - Under 17 (Boys & Girls), Under 19 (Boys & Girls),

               Juniors (Men & Women)

Race 6 - Seniors (Men)

Race 8 - Master 40+ (Men)

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