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Equestrian Riding – Pentathletes do not ride their own horse in competition. Instead, pentathletes draw a number to determine their horse. Athletes have a 20-minute warm-up and five practice jumps before entering the riding course. The course consists of 12 show-jumping obstacles which include a double and a treble at a height up to 1.2m. Athletes are awarded 300 pentathlon points at the start of the competition and lose points for missing jumps and time faults.



  • Finesse

  • Experience

  • Reaction



Pentathletes must be properly dressed for the course inspection, the draw for horses and the competition:

  • the hunting uniform (red or black coat, white breeches and hunting cap), or riding jacket, white shirt, collar and tie, breeches, jodhpurs or riding trousers

  • Approved protective headgear with chinstrap is mandatory. A safety vest is recommended.



Competitors start with a base score of 300 pentathlon points. Points are then deducted for faults as follows:

  • 7 points for each element knocked down while jumping;

  • 10 points for a refusal;

  • 10 points for falling off or for knocking down a fence during a refusal;

  • 1 point for every second over the optimum time for the course.

Want to find out more?

The detailed rules and points table can be found in the Complete rules for Pentathlon (Ride)

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